Underground obstacles can significantly slow down or hinder the installation of a water management system. When carrying out earthworks, what happens if the contractor encounters old cables, pipes or foundation remnants underground? The owner of these must then be established, so that the obstacle can be moved or removed. There are no obstacles with Rockflow: this buffer system is easy to adapt to new or unforeseen situations.

Choose the shape and height that suits your

Rockflow is a water management system made up of stone wool elements. It is used in virtually all places where flooding can occur. Under streets, for example, but also under squares, parks, roads or swales. The stone wool elements buffer the precipitation, and then gradually infiltrate it into the soil or discharge it into the sewer system. Rockflow consists of stone wool elements with a high buffer capacity: the material can absorb 95 per cent of its volume in water in a short period of time. What's more, the system is very flexible: you can create all kinds of shapes from the individual elements, just like with Lego.

Factsheet 'flexibility'

All information about the ease of the design and installation process with Rockflow in one document.

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