In 2018, the Zonnemaat district in Zevenaar (Gelderland, NL) underwent significant renewal. Along with more space for greenery and new paving, a Rockflow system was installed. The biggest question for the project was whether the water would infiltrate the soil quickly enough. For a period each year, the high groundwater level is at least equal to the bottom of the Rockflow package.

Rockflow with high groundwater levels

Smart sensors have monitored the system's functioning up to the present day. This shows that the system - even when partially submerged in groundwater - functions excellently. The same measurements have also debunked a myth: Rockflow does not absorb groundwater.  

Dirk Jan Boudeling - Market Development Manager - Stedelijke klimaatadaptatie - Urban Climate adaptation - Lapinus

Dirk Jan Boudeling

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ROCKWOOL Rainwater Systems