Designed for long service life and easy maintenance

Rockflow is designed for a life span of more than 50 years. During this time, the system will collect, hold and infiltrate rainwater many times.

Like all infiltration systems, Rockflow stone wool is also subject to sedimentation, caused by particles that are transported into the system by the incoming water. These sediments do not end up in the stone wool matrix but accumulate in the channels over time, where they can cause blockages. This reduces the system's water absorption capacity and speed.

The water channels are easy to inspect and clean if necessary. After cleaning, the absorption rate and buffering capacity are restored. This ensures a consistent performance of the system over its entire service life.

Factsheet 'durability'

All information about the long service life of a Rockflow system in one document:

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The channels in Rockflow water channels are easy to inspect and clean. This can be done time and time again using standard equipment (special nozzle for infiltration sewer and push camera) for sewer cleaning. The stone wool is not damaged. With a good system design, any inflow of dirt can easily be removed using water pressure. After being cleaned, the system will be like new again

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